Podcasting- you will have a timed amount of time to properly fill out and post a podcast on a given topic to the podcasting site.

Wikispaces- you will need to login and complete an assignment that will need to be posted on your own page

Short Story- literary terms, read a short story and answer the questions to that story looking for different elements to the story.

Essay writing and short answer essay- you will be asked to complete a timed writing assignment.

The class will be divided into three groups you will have only the allotted time to complete the assignment.

Exam-Technology Part One

Podcasting Assignment:
1. You will record your Where I am From Poems.
2. You will need to say an introduction to your poem, before you start reading your poem (example, "This is Where I am From, and my name is Karrie Brown.")
3. When you are finished reading your poem, you will need a conclusion (example, "Thank you for listening to my poem")
Login or Email Example = carp-32@epals.com
Password = Computer Login (initials and last 4 of your social security #)

Click on add new episode

Click on record an episode online

Click the record button and wait a few seconds before you begin reading your introduction

Before you click stop (after you read your conclusion that comes after you read your poem) wait a few seconds to guarantee that you will not be cut off

You can listen to your recording by clicking the play button

Once you are satisfied with your recording press continue

Complete the following page:
Title = Where I am From
Post Summary = This is poem is about........
Entry = List five things that represent you and are listed in your poem

Find a photo from the Internet (or one that you have saved) and upload it to your podcast

Click publish when you are satisfied with your work
Logout of your podcast site

Exam-Technology Part Two

1. Go to your own personal wikispace
2. Copy and paste the following questions on your page.
3. Answer the questions in complete sentences in order to get all of the points.
4. Write your answers next to the questions using a different color font.

Reflection: Reflect on the "This I Believe" assignment by answering the following questions.
- What did you learn about yourself by completing this assignment?
- What did you learn about your values by completing this assignment?
- What did you like about this assignment?
- What did you NOT like about this assignment?
- What would you keep this same about this assignment?
- What would you change about this assignment?