Ask A Real Librarian

Have you ever been working in the middle of the night, and you wish that you had a librarian to answer your questions? Well, click on the link below and ask a live librarian a question about your topic. Keep a conversation log of your talk with the librarian. You can print of the conversation log before you disconnect with the librarian.

Know It Now

Use 4 Techniques

If you make a habit of using the four techniques described on the following website, you'll be a much better searcher than 90% of all web-users. It's just four things, and each will provide you with a better net for information catching.
Record your findings. You must print off the worksheet that you will find when you click on the link below.

Four Nets For Better Searching

Is it a good website?

3. How do you know that information on the internet is true? You must be able to validate a resource. Click on the link below. Write down 5 ways you can use this website. All My Faves

Take the Quiz

4. What is Plagiarism? Take the quiz by clicking on the link below. Record your results on your paper. Quiz

5. Google: Do you know how? 6. EBSCO HOST: How do I find It? Off of the Pioneer Home Page! Resources 7. OCIS Career Search