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Cinco de Mayo, or the Fifth of May, is a very important holiday for Mexicans, especially those that live in the city of Puebla. Puebla is a city that has the Fort of Loreto where the Battle of Cinco de Mayo took place. The celebrations of Cinco de Mayo can be very large and traditional.

The Task
You are Mexican and live in the city of Puebla with your family. You and your family are making the Cinco de Mayo celebration plans this year. Because you live in Puebla, it will be a huge celebration!
Therefore, for the party, you need to write an invitation to send to your family members to invite them to the party. The invitation will describe all the plans and activities of your Cinco de Mayo fiesta! Next, think of what you would need for a party to celebrate a national holiday. Use the internet to find out what is normally part of a Cinco de Mayo celebration. You might want to find more specific information about different parts of the celebration and you can use,, etc, to do so.
  • When you have enough information, you need to create your invitation. The invitation needs to include information about: where the fiesta is (your house in Puebla!), a list and description of at least four activities that you will have at the fiesta that are traditional to Cinco de Mayo, and what kind of food you will be serving (again traditional to Cinco de Mayo). Your invitation needs to be designed on the computer.
  • You will save this in Microsoft word, and post it to the Wikispace under your class, and title your document with your first name and invitation. Example: Brown.invitation

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