How much do you know about baseball? Answer each question using the information from the website provided. Post your group answers on the discussion link. Make sure you include your group members names!

1. What award is given to an individual player from each League who has the best rookie season; pitching, hitting or fielding?
Rookie of the Year

2. In 1971, who became the first black player to be elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?
Negro Baseball

3. Who played his 2000th straight game in the Orioles victory against the Twins in Minnesota on August 1, 1994?
Today in Baseball History

4 Who was drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the 1st round of the 1987 amateur draft?
Baseball Reference

5. The Kansas City Royals play at what field?
Kansas City Royals

6. The first girls of summer, women who were paid to play baseball, competed in their first game in .
Girls of Summer