Austin R

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Skate Or Die!!!

I Belive That Metallica Should Be In The Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame!
I Belive That Aggressive Inline Is The Best Extreme Sport!
I Belive That Ozzy Osbourne Should Run For President!
I Belive That Ronnie James Dio Should Be His Vice President!
I Belive That Mike V. Is The Best Pro Skateboarder!

Reflection: Reflect on the "This I Believe" assignment by answering the following questions.
- What did you learn about yourself by completing this assignment? That I will never be a poet.
- What did you learn about your values by completing this assignment? That I don't have many values.
- What did you like about this assignment? Nothing.
- What did you NOT like about this assignment? The setup of the poem.
- What would you keep this same about this assignment? The point amount.
- What would you change about this assignment? The fact that I had to do it.