Me ^_^

xMy Favorite Band=)x

Its Ashley yo!! =)
Im 17 years old and as you can see i love music
X Bullet for my Valentine X

Favorite Bands*
- Three Days Grace
- Bullet for my Valentine
- Hinder
- Creed
- Nickelback
- Cute is what we aim for

I play a little bit of guitar but im not all that good!! =)

I like to watch football and i played softball for 11 years.=)

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*I believe everyone deserves a second chance
*I believe everything happens for a reason
*I believe people should except people for who they are
*I believe ABORTION is WRONG!!!!

  • I believe noone is perfect =)

Reflection: Reflect on the "This I Believe" assignment by answering the following questions.

- What did you learn about yourself by completing this assignment?

I learned that i believe in alot of things.

- What did you learn about your values by completing this assignment?

I learned that abortion is the number one thing that i believed was wrong.

- What did you like about this assignment?

I liked the fact that i got to see what others believed in and how many people would agree with me on some of my believes.

- What did you NOT like about this assignment?

I actually liked this assignment. It was fun and you got to tell others what you believed in. =]

- What would you keep this same about this assignment?

I would keep everything the same. There was nothing wrong with it.

- What would you change about this assignment?

I wouldnt change anything about this assignment. =]